Our History
Future Hinges s.r.l. was created in 1999 with the idea to provide innovative solution for the hinges market. We started in creating special hinges with a new mechanism to simplify the hinges assembly avoiding the use of magnets.

In this way our hinges are less bulky and very elegant becoming objects of design. We are able to provide different models that fit any kind of furniture, bookcase, and door.

In 2001 we were one of the first producers in creating hinges for aluminium shelves.

During 2004 we created and launched our first "revolutionary" hinge for Cristal doors: the VENUS hinge.

We were able to eliminate the oil dynamic mechanism avoiding, with our solution, the annoying drawback of the continuous regulation of the door due to temperature changes.

In 2006 the VENUS hinge has been modified to simplify the assemblage.

Keep looking at our web site, you will see news in the next future...